meet katy about stuffwithprints


I decided to start a fashion line for two main reasons:

I've always loved to express myself through my outfit choices, but found the fashion industry lacking in one-of-a-kind statement pieces that accommodated my moderate budget. 

Secondly -  as a lover of art, I found it a shame that our most prized masterpieces never made it outside the home. 

And thus I combined my love for art, with avant-garde fashion and stuffwithprints was born! 

I launched SWP in 2016 with no fashion qualifications, business experience or design skills so to say that it's been a bit of a bumpy road  is an understatement...  But I'm still here, and as determined as ever to bring affordable, unique clothing to my lovely loyal customers. 

When I'm not making clothes in my spare time, you can find me in art galleries, cooking and eating some tasty food, hiking mountains or hibernating in my flat with my head buried in a book.

You can read some more of my ramblings on my blog if you're interested!