My fave FREE Art Galleries in London

My fave free art galleries in London: For me stepping into an art gallery when in the busy capital provides a space to pause and regroup from a hectic week. 

There's only one thing I enjoy more than a Sunday stroll around an Art Gallery and that's a FREE Sunday stroll around an Art Gallery. 

Here's my top 5 free art galleries in London... 


1. The White Cube

The White Cube Gallery is one of my all time favourite galleries in London on one of my favourite streets in London, Bermonsdey Street. It is a compact yet stunning space curated by the extremely talented Amy Patricia Purssey. 

Although it can't compete with the big dogs in terms of square footage, it makes up for it in charm and serenity. A perfect and much needed escape from the buzz of the city centre. 

the white cube gallery london

tracey emin the white cube review

the white cube review


2. Newport Street Gallery 

This is Damien Hirst's personal art collection, displayed in this renovated Victorian scenery-painting studio which actually won the RIBA Stirling prize in 2016. The gallery runs the length of Newport Street in Vauxaul, London and spans three floors bookmarked by impressive Caruso St John staircases at either end.

Be sure not to miss 'Pharmacy' AKA medically themed cafe on the second floor. This was designed entirely by Hirst and smacks of his bold, in-your-face style. It also features his own works including the Medicine Cabinets and butterfly Kaleidoscope paintings.

free newport street gallery

newport street gallery circular staircase

newport street gallery staircase

newport street gallery prescriptions pharmacy

newport street gallery medicine shelves


3. Tate Britain 

Tate Britain is one of the most famous art galleries in the UK. It is the eldest of the Tate network, opening it's doors in 1897.This gallery boasts an impressive collection of classic and modern art. It has the biggest collection of Joseph Mallord William Turner in the world and is most definitely worth a visit. You can visit most of the gallery for free but the exhibitions do charge. 

free Tate Britain gallery london

Tate Britain colourful stairs

 Tate Britain Staircase


4. Tate Modern 

The Tate modern is a modern art gallery which boasts an impressive collection of international modern and contemporary art from 1900's to date It's one of the largest galleries in the world, with two separate buildings connected by a series of bridges.

It's housed in the former Bankside Power Station, which was originally designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the architect of Battersea Power Station, and built in two stages between 1947 and 1963. It is London's biggest tourist attraction, bringing in millions of tourists per month. I would advise trying to avoid going on a weekend if you can as it gets super crowded. You can browse most of the galleries free of charge but some special exhibitions are ticketed. It's widely thought of as one of the best art galleries in London, even England so it is a must see if you're visiting. 

free tate modern gallery london

 tate modern staircase

orange wall tate modern

tate modern franz west exhibition


5. Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art

Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art is situated at the heart of Goldsmiths University campus in New Cross, London. The building is a converted Victorian bath house, designed by architects Assemble.

Led by Director Sarah McCrory the gallery hosts international artists, projects and residencies alongside talks, performances, films and other events. It's an exciting hub, the gallery obviously has it's finger on the pulse for emerging contemporary art forms. 

free goldsmiths centre for contemporary arts gallery

goldsmiths centre for contemporary arts exhibition

goldsmiths centre for contemporary arts interior

goldsmiths centre for contemporary arts  exhibition

There's plenty of other galleries that I love in the city, but these are my go to free art galleries in London.

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