The Pull of Abstract Art & My Curated Collection


I have been mesmerised by and drawn to abstract art for as long as I can remember. It is the furthest away from reality so the scope for imagination is infinite and unconstrained.  

I think we are in some ways lucky that we are alive in the digital age. For all its misgivings, the digital awakening has given us access to footage from all corners of the world. Where centuries ago we would rely on the memories of our grandparents to paint us portraits of times gone by, we now have hard photographic evidence. And although no photograph could better depict the early 1800's than a Turner painting, I do think realism has lost it's place in 2018.  

I am in no way discrediting the skill and technique realism demands but it just doesn't captivate my mind in the same way abstract art does. There is a raw unedited wildness to the best abstract art that gets my creative blood pumping in a way that other art styles can't.   

Another reason I find abstract art so compelling is that I think it a real testament to an artists creativity. Taking something or taking nothing and turning it into endless possibilities is a form of true magic. 

I have been curating my Insta feed with my favourite abstract artists among my other creative endeavours for the past 2 years so I was delighted to be asked to curate a collection of my favorite pieces for The Curators I'm also a huge advocate for the brand. In the current economic climate - which doesn't exactly make it easy for emerging artists to make a living - websites like The Curators are crucial to further expose artists to new audiences.

My collection is a perfect expression of my tastes, style and personality. They range from the calming lines and colours of Alexandria Coe and Nina Klein to the bold, exciting and playful works of Amber Vittoria and Luo Di Nuzzo. I would say the common theme of my collection is passion. 

The artists ability to translate raw emotion and energy onto the canvas, creating whole domains of colour and texture that touch a nerve deep inside our own psyche. Some of these works are not constrained by obvious figurative or landscape content, therfore the eye is free to explore the layers within and discover their own worlds – whilst others are more structured and guided with the aim of drawing out specific emotions.

Here are some of the pieces from the collection, I have added a link to the store so you can purchase them and to the artists below each image. You can view the full collection here.


'The Best Damn Flower' 

the best damn flower amber vittoria origional artwork

Artist: Amber Vittoria

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'Candice 3'

candice 3 albert Riera

Artist: Albert Riera Galceran

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'Still Life 2018'

still life 2018

Artist: Albert Riera Galceran

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'Nude III'
alexa coe nude III
Arist: Alexa Coe 
'Blue Waves'
sasha podgurska blue waves
'Down Time'
marise maas down time
Artist: Marise Maas
ellen rolli encompass
Artist: Ellen Rolli
Andre Bogart Szabo cascade
'Winter Sun'
nina klein winter sun
Artist: Nina Klein 

This is only an excert of my collection, you can view the full collection on The Curator's website here.

Fun footnote: Whilst doing some research for this post I found this article on Frieze Magazine which claims Brexitiers prefer realism over abstract art, so another great reason to buy lots of abstract art! (I'm obviously joking, but the article is worth a read).