Online Vintage Shopping Tips & My Latest Vintage Haul

Owning my own fashion store has really opened my eyes to the economic impact of fashion. Although I'm far from perfect, I really do try and make an effort with damage control on the environment. This is one of the many reasons I shop primarily vintage over highstreet brands. 

I have always shopped in vintage stores but in my mid twenties I went through a bit of a style crisis where I wasn't sure if I was 'too old' for vintage and needed to start shopping in more sophisticated shops like COS or & other stories. This was obviously ridiculous - there is no such thing as being too old for vintage, you just have to know what to look for. 

The world of vintage is vast and it can be a bit daunting delving into it if your used to a one stop ASOS shop for all your fashion needs. Therfore, I've decided to give you some tips that I wish I had read before embarking on my vintage quests. 

Here are my 5 top tips for vintage shopping. 


1. Get inspiration

Be it bloggers, designer brands or a good old fashioned flick through Vogue, having an idea what you you're looking for is going to make your job 50 times easier. 


2. Use the right 'keywords'

Once know what you're looking for, try and get the keyword as accurate as you can; use the colour, size, gender and style in your search. Sometimes specific styles have fancy names that will make your search easier if you know them. I would also include the word 'vintage' to filter out any generic bulk sellers. 


3. Try multiple platforms

Try as many platforms as possible. I usually start with google - then in this order - Ebay, Etsy, Depop, Asos-Marketplace, Beyond Retro. I try to avoid high end online vintage stores that sell designer brands as quite frankly there's nothing under £100 and that's already over my budget but if you wanted to you could try Vestiaire Collective


4. Act quickly

Once you've found your dream item, don't wait around! This is vintage, there's literally only ONE of them you need to snap it up asaps. You can try and message the buyer and put an offer in 10-20% cheaper than the asking price but to be honest if I really love an item I just buy it before someone else notices it's charm!


5. Don't give up!

If you can't find what you're looking for keep trying, new items are added all the time, sometimes I haven't found the perfect item until the 3rd or 4th time of looking. 


Although it may be a bit more faff and it's a smidge more time consuming than high street shopping, I promise you it's worth it for the bargains, unique statement pieces and the peace of mind that you aren't impacting the environment. 


Here are some pieces I've bought in the last few months...

I found this dreamy pastel yellow suit on Ebay for £25! Such a bargain
pastel yellow suit
This perfect lime green handbag was also an Ebay find - just £10!
Lime Green Hand Bag Ebay
This blue 'popcorn' top was an Etsy find, this is also a good example of knowing the right search term for the style. I did a bit of googling first - found lots of people calling it 'popcorn', which made my search a whole lot easier. This was £15.
Blue popcorn top
I found this orange fleece on Asos Marketplace - a little bit more expensive than the others but still a steal at £25
orange floral fleece asos marketplace
I got this bag from Serotonin Vintage which is actually a store on brick lane in London but I bought it online via Depop. The trousers are also vintage from a store called here after vintage - but I went in the physical shop for these so technically can't include in my online vintage haul - would definitely recommend a visit though!  
purple aesthetic outfit
I hope this was useful! Thanks for reading you're the best.