The 10 trendiest sustainable fashion brands this SS21

The 10 trendiest sustainable fashion brands this SS21

Gone are the times where it was the done thing to buy a new outfit for every night out or even a whole new wardrobe for a holiday. Whether it's thrifting or ethical fashion brands, there's no doubt that sustainable is the new black.

The contents of my wardrobes in now quality over quantity (and this isn't just due to the size of my wardrobe). No longer am I wincing at the price of a good quality, ethically made garment over a fast fashion alternative. And honestly? I'm happy fashion is slowing down again. It was becoming impossible to keep up with the latest trends and everyone was looking a bit too similar for my liking. Let's hope this movement not only reduces our carbon footprint, but gives us back a sense of style identity. 

Talking of our carbon footprint, every little helps when it comes to trying to preserve this precious planet of ours. So it's within this vein that I've decided to compile a list of the best sustainable fashion brands, in the hopes it will encourage the to reach a bit deeper into their pocket for a longer lasting item. Here are the 10 trendiest sustainable fashion brands this 2021:


1. Monica Cordera

Monica Cordera is a Spanish designed, Spanish made brand which produces minimalist, classic and timeless pieces with a strong emphasis on sustainability. By reducing the consumption of plastics, water, and in many cases using recycled materials and carefully selecting local suppliers Cordera have achieved high impact designs with a low impact carbon footprint. This SS21, expect lots of nude tones, loose fits and bold cuts.  

The 10 trendiest sustainable fashion brands this SS21 - monica cordera


2. House of Sunny

This East London zero waste sustainable label, commits to just two iconic collections per year. This enables the design team to work at a slower pace, enabling them more time to research sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods. Leading the way in 'slow fashion', they made decisions such as opting for sea freight over air fright which uses significantly less emissions. The result is timeless, original pieces that reject the 'fast fashion' trends. This SS21 we can expect soft, bold pastels and inspired prints. 

The 10 trendiest sustainable fashion brands this SS21 - house of sunny


3. Paloma Wool

Paloma Wool's ethos has evolved with the brand and the industry. They now boast conscious manufacturing, support local production, apply minimal waste procedures as well as the use of sustainable fibers, use low-impact dyes and ethical printing methods. They are also huge advocates for responsible shopping and create pieces with easy and sensible care requirements, extending the sell by date of each statement piece. This SS21 anticipate psychedelic prints, retro cuts and a lot of colour. 

The 10 trendiest sustainable fashion brands this SS21 - paloma wool


4. Stine Goya

Stine Goya is a Copenhagen based designer with sustainability at the forefront of their brand. Their sustainability considerations include: sustainable fabrics, plastic waste, circularity, supply chain transparency & diversity and inclusivity. This SS21, expect to see more artist collaborations for print designs and lots of vibrant colours. 

The 10 trendiest sustainable fashion brands this SS21 - stine goya


5. Lisa Says Gah

Lisa Says Gah is a San Francisco born online store selling multiple designer brands. their mission statement is:

'In a world of fast-fashion, our goal is to have a home for the artists of the industry. Focused on connecting you with truly special pieces, we partner with independent female designers.'

They stock designers who source and produce all goods as locally as possible. They also work exclusively work with women designers that are self-starters. You can watch interviews on their designers on their website here. You will find a beautifully curated selection of the latest trends in 'slow-fashion'. 

The 10 trendiest sustainable fashion brands this SS21 - lisa says gah 


6. Helmstedt
Helmstedt was founded by Emilie Helmstedt, and every print is hand-painted by her in Copenhagen. Helmstedt has worked extensively with sustainable fabrics to reduce its environmental footprint. The brand has therefore changed its production to include organic cotton and ecological yarns made from recycled cotton and polyester. In addition, whenever it’s possible Helmstedt ships the production by boat. In SS21 we can expect quality, comfort and cheerful colours. 


The 10 trendiest sustainable fashion brands this SS21 - helmstedt


7. Holiday the label 

Holiday is designed in Sydney, Australia and made in Bali, Indonesia where designer Emma Mulholland splits her time. In Bali, Mulholland works closely with a small family run textile studio to pattern make, screen print, cut and sew Holiday products. Holiday works with a local screen printing studio in Melbourne, Australia to screen print all the iconic Holiday tees, sweaters and hoodies.
By working closely with a small teams Mulholland is able to oversee the manufacturing process and make sure every step of the process is meeting Holiday's ethos and quality controls. In addition she aims to minimise waste by using every piece of fabric possible and turning them into smaller items such as scrunchies, face masks and stuffed toys, as well as managing stock levels with 'pre-orders' to minimize waste. In SS21 expect more checkboard print and playful block colours.

The 10 trendiest sustainable fashion brands this SS21 - holiday the label 


8. The Five Studio

The Five Studio is a Amsterdam based brand which uses dead-stock fabrics to create small runs of products ranges. By using dead-stock fabrics, not only do we reduce textile waste, but it also saves energy by reducing the carbon footprint that would have been expended in the productions of new materials. This way we give new life to textiles instead of having them end up as waste in landfill. On top of that they are dedicated to bettering their use of materials. Upcoming drops will contain more recycled and natural fibres like (organic) cotton and wool. They also work together with trusted family owned ateliers where all clothing is handmade and use plastic free packaging. 

The 10 trendiest sustainable fashion brands this SS21


9. Hosbjerg

Hosbjerg focuses on quality materials such as leather, cashmere and silk to do there bit in the war against cheap fabrics in fast fashion. The designer puts a lot of emphasis on comfort and takes inspiration from sportswear. Expect more bold tie-die inspired prints and funky fabrics in SS21. 

The 10 trendiest sustainable fashion brands this SS21 - hosbjerg


10. Courtyard La

Made to order in LA, Couryard LA offers one off pieces and expertly curated vintage finds. Some of their pieces are also made with deadstock vintage fabrics, further adding to their sustainability pledge. 

The 10 trendiest sustainable fashion brands this SS21 - courtyard la


In summary, this SS21 be prepared for clashing, playful. slightly psychedelic prints with a bold array of colours. Whatever your into this summer, make it sustainable!